At Vornado, we believe that environmental sustainability is not only responsible citizenry, it is also good business.
Our goal is to be a leader in sustainability by creating a corporate culture that integrates the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainable growth into our business practices, our planning and our relationships. We have already incorporated many sustainable initiatives in our buildings and in our programs, and we are expanding and developing environmental best practices in our operations across the country.

View Vornado's Sustainability Report 2014

Vornado Sustainability Report 2014

Programs and Initiatives

Consistent with Vornado's sustainability goals, each divison within the company has embarked on ambitious sustainability programs and projects. The cornerstones of our efforts are our ENERGY STAR benchmarking ratings, our energy efficiency projects, progressive energy management programs and techniques, and our LEED certification and tenant outreach efforts. To successfully manage our sustainability efforts, we have organized teams within each division and within each building to help identify and implement cost-effective opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint.