A Leading Portfolio of Sustainability Programs

Vornado operates its buildings sustainably and efficiently by establishing best practices in energy and water conservation, carbon reduction, resource and waste management, and ecologically sensitive procurement.

We implement solutions that go beyond risk-proofing. Our goal is to create value for our tenants and investors through systems and infrastructures that allow continuous measurement, monitoring and improvement of our portfolio’s performance.


As a long term owner, Vornado operates our building to the highest possible standard. The Energy Information Portal is a web based tool that provides tenants with real-time monitoring of their energy consumption.


Waste Reduction and Resource Management

Recycling is a team effort between Vornado, our contractors and our tenants. We are implementing a strategic waste management plan that includes tenant and employee education, incentive programs, strengthened contracts with preferred waste management providers, and enhanced infrastructure. Collectively, these elements have enabled us to establish market leadership in waste reduction.

Our goal is to achieve a landfill diversion rate of at least 75 percent for all new development/construction projects, and at least 50 percent for all tenant improvements.

Vornado's waste management consultants carefully monitor waste and recycling data from our vendors. Because we demand transparency, we are able to address performance issues and establish confidence that our recycling is managed effectively.

Vornado’s Recycling Process in Office Buildings

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Water Management

Vornado continues to demonstrate environmental stewardship by monitoring and improving our portfolio’s water efficiency. We monitor water usage to identify anomalies and leaks before they result in high consumption and expenses. We are retrofitting the plumbing fixtures across our portfolio and have a leak detection program in place to quickly identify opportunities to conserve water. Our portfolio specification is for water and plumbing fixtures that meet or exceed LEED standards.

Green Leasing

Green Leasing

Vornado, in partnership with our tenants, has created green leases that align landlord and tenant financial incentives to help reduce energy use by including provisions such as energy submetering or energy efficiency cost sharing.


Our extensive outreach program includes hosting regular tenant education seminars, performing occupant surveys, and promoting programs for recycling reeducation. By sharing our enthusiasm and commitment, we are able to extend our influence to encourage positive behavior in our communities.

Green Cleaning and Indoor Environmental Quality

Green Cleaning and Indoor Environmental Quality

We strive to be at the forefront of creating the best possible indoor environment for our tenants. Our green cleaning program creates healthy workplaces to ensure that we can attract and retain the best tenants. Vornado’s green cleaning standards combine best practices for resource management with use of low environmental impact products, with a particular focus on occupant health and indoor air quality.


Vornado’s subsidiary, Building Maintenance Service (BMS), cleans and maintains our buildings to LEED green cleaning standards, using products and equipment that meet other recognized standards such as Green Seal and EcoLogo. We also are proud that BMS recently became a Green Seal-certified company.