Corporate Governance

Sound principles of corporate governance are critical to obtaining and retaining the trust of our investors and our foremost commitment to always act with integrity.

In that light and taking into account today's business environment, we have taken a fresh look at Vornado's corporate governance policies and procedures, updating our fundamental corporate governance principles and adopting new policies as warranted. Our key corporate governance policies are included on this website, along with the charters of our board committees.

Each of the charters, policies and codes has been reviewed and approved by our Board of Trustees and fully embodies both our philosophy of good governance as well as all applicable securities law and stock exchange requirements.

At the core of corporate governance is the role of the board of directors in overseeing how management serves the long-term interests of shareowners and other stakeholders. We are proud to have a qualified and experienced Board of Trustees - a majority of whom are independent. Equally important, our Trustees are also significant investors in our Company and truly committed to building shareholder value. A list of our Trustees, detailing affiliations, committees and independence, is also included on this website.